4 Tips Membangun Startup dari Sam Altman

Sam Altman yang merupakan presiden YC Combinator saat memberikan Talk di MIT memberikan 4 tips menarik dalam membangun startup.

  1. How to know when to jump into a field 70-80% of the market is chasing the current fad. This means that if you choose to make a video streaming startup, or a social network startup, you’ll have an enormous amount of competition both from established companies and other startups

    Far better is to think of a new idea that the rest of the world is missing. Sam says that very few founders do this.

  2. Aim for small wins first Startups survive on momentum. How do you maintain momentum when you’re working on problems with a time scale of many years? If you’re a nuclear reactor startup targeting goals 7 years in the future, what can you deliver in 3 months?

    The answer is to shorten your cycle time by aiming for small wins early. Instead of the whole nuclear reactor, is there a subsystem that you can deliver in 3 months?

  3. Learn from software companies Most of the $10-20 billion dollar companies started in the last few decades have been software companies. The huge benefit of a software startup is that cost is low, and cycle time is fast.

    The secret of software companies, Sam says, is that they can aim to get 10% better every week. Short iteration cycles allow them to get feedback from customers and improve their product.

  4. Don’t be afraid of detours Most founders hate detours, and want to focus on the “big picture.” But it’s often impossible to go from 0 to 100 right off the bat. For example, take Tesla and its goal of creating a mass market electric vehicle (the Model 3).

    Before it got there, it had to start with a high performance, extremely expensive car (the Roadster), then a sporty four-door sedan (the Model S). These earlier smaller wins are what made the end goal possible


  1. Buat ide baru.
  2. Bikin goal - goal kecil.
  3. Jadikan produk lebih baik di setiap iterasinya dengan cara sering mendapatkan feedback dari customer.
  4. Jangan takut “cari jalan lain” untuk mencapai tujuan akhir.

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